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A fight, drama, not so much sleep, I'm exhausted, class sucks, need a dose of Sweden and my 3Ts. Makes no sense, yes, for me neither.

Today I'm in a bad mood, cause when I was gonna use my camera today it was broken. Looks like somebody sat on it cause the lens is crooked. I can mope about it, but it comes down to that it's just a thing, replaceable. I hope it's not expensive to buy a new lens, cause we really need the camera for class.

I guess mostly I'm mad at myself for not focusing enough on school, I can't focus, I have been sloppy. I got an A on my politic assignment, A on my photoassigment, but it's being overshadowed by my englishpaper that probably is a B- or C or something. I have never seen so much red on anything I have done in my whole life!

First I felt that I couldn't relate to the topics and wrote a stiff draft that everybody was suppose to bring to class to be corrected and taken home to fix. I changed my topic after the draft and rewrote the whole thing so technically everybody had an already corrected paper and I handed in a first timer, so maybe thats why, but still it's my own fault. C looked at it and said "I don't think your teacher likes you cause she is being a bitch, some of these corrections are just stupid". Maybe so...but I need to do better...but it's all about development right.

Now no more drama, no more B&J, hopefully get rid of this throatthing, early sleep and study, study, study...

Postat av: Daniel

En uppiggande schlagerkram

2010-03-24 @ 09:05:11

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