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What was suppose to be a cheap fashion night out in Hollywood yesterday got pretty expensive. J was sure the cab would cost 25 til 30 dollar and we were five people, so that would be oki...only the cab costed 54, but the cab driver reduced to 50 after we got pissed and accused him of taking a D-tour. Then we went in front of the line for the fashionshow at Music Box :) plus a guy gave me a free ticket :) which I shared with C by paying for half her ticket <3

C was hot yesterday despite her rash...

Then we dicided that a drink was necessary cause we were out very sober cause we left for Hollywood before 8 and didn't have much time to preparty...and it's just dangerous paying every second, cause all of a sudden you have been drinking 4 drinks x 12 dollars and it feels like you only paid for 2.

Then try asking people where My House is (a club)..."Excuse me, do you know where My House is?" "You don't know ehere your house is, how should I know? Ohh I know where My House is baby, wanna go?" they all pulled the same disgustingly boring joke, so we just hopped into a cab instead of asking for directions to walk there...6 dollars.

My House club...

Then we take a cab very tipsy home to Santa Monica and this time J is sure it's only gonna cost 25...it costed 54 but at least this time we went through a Mc'Donalds drive through...fyllekäk...Cinnamon Melt bitte...schnell...it was a genious idea at the time, but the food was so good...!?! and it was so nice of C leaving her fries all over the taxi floor for the taxi driver, she is so considerate ;) Since it was suppose to be a cheap night the girls had limited money so some how my card went up and down and up...:s

But three drunk girls in a cab giggeling...is a succesfull night to me...passed out on the sofa with the phone in my hand...


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