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Email from professor : Here is a possible itinerary for those of you going!!!!

Friday, April 8:   arrive around noon or late afternoon; shuttle to Cahal Pech; check in to room and relax

Sat., April 9:      visit the town of San Ignacio and the archeological site of Cahal Pech

Sun., April 10: ATM Cave

Mon., April 11th:  volunteer at Cornerstone Foundation with children; visit Xunantunich; innertube down MopanRiver; dinner at

Clarissa Falls

Tues.,  12th:        volunteer at Cornerstone Foundation; visit Octavia Waight Elderly Clinic; visit traditional Maya community

for dinner

Wed., 13th, :      free day to relax, visit other caves, zipline, swim, etc.

Thurs:, 14:        leave for Tikal and stay in Flores, Guatemala

Friday, 15th:       Leave Flores for Belizean Islands; arrive around 2pm

Sat., 16th:          Dive, Snorkel, etc.

Sun., 17th:         leave Islands around 8-am and get to airport around 10am.

Like how can I say no to this...it's a vacation, but not like a normal one, this is more "real" travelling if you know what I mean. An our professor has so many connections that he will fix all this plus living and breakfast, transportation (except flight) for under 1000 dollar. He knows everything about the area and knows the people so he is gonna take us around...and I can't wait 2 zip-line...wohooooo.

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