A Venice Sunday...Back to the top

After some serious studying during the first part of the day, we decided that after three it was time for a break and a little trip over to Venice  to eat and stroll. To be honest we didn't really have time for that, but as C put it...We need a break and we will do much better after...Break is the best thing somebody ever came up with...
So on with some summerclothes because it's crazy good weather here now and I have been sitting most of the day with my nose in a thick politics book and writing my assignment on the computer. It felt good getting out and we knew we were gonna get some photos done for our photoassignment too...so off we gooooooo.

Venice is was crowded and full of life and colour. Strolling there durig the day is nice, but the druggies and homeless hang in Venice and you don't wanna be there in evening and especially not at night. We took a burger at a cosy place and just talked away, mostly about boys actually haha...but you would think that conversation between three girls would go girlie, but I would say that we carried the conversation like "men" haha...what, we are three girls liking single life and so many guys are...umm wierd...maybe that's the wrong word...nuts...no...annoying...

It was a nice stroll with two super girls, we like Venice during the day...and trying on sunglasses ;)...could have bought tons, but C thought they once I tried on all looked the same :) Thanx for a nice day girls...Puss puss


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