C always make me laugh...Back to the top

I forgot to tell you guys that C has been on steroids for 6 days now because of her allergic reaction...We are gonna see if she now can make half a push up on her knees...true, she can't even make a half one on her knees...it's the truth...

When C wants to tell you something really bad: "Heyyyy, you know what happend?"...."No"...."You want me to tell you what happend?" Ummm...yes!?? She starts off with a long talk about the student ID office ignoring her, back and forth with other details...and then..."mmm...I'm gonna tell you"...more about the office keeping her waiting...the point of the story was, while she was waiting she saw that SMC has a lot of politics classes for me...WTF...just took ten sidetracks and 5 minutes to say: I saw that SMC have a lot of politic classes. Lucky for me she talks like a speeded little parrot on crack so maybe it was just 3 min.
Ordering at quiznos (like subway):
C: A tuna melt please (her phone rings, she picks up)
L: She doens't want it toasted and without tomato.
C: (get of her phone)...I want tomato...
L: Oki?...It just sounds so familiar...who orders without tomato then?...
I will have a Ham & Swiss, not toasted and without tomato please...

C: It's always you ordering without tomato Lina...
L: Oh yeah...
The manager: Bye girls, see you tomorrow
C: OMG we are not here that often Lina...
L: No sometimes I eat on Subway...

C quoates:"The guy inventing cookie dough icecream is a fucking genius" Genius might be a bit heavy, but then again, if you apply it to brownies...;)

"What's your opinion on flamingos?"
...?hmm?...I thought I was wierd...

C just rememberd that she and I wanted to buy a little turtle in a box like the one we saw a little girl carry around...we didn't find the stand:
C: Ohh...we dindn't find the little turtle...we need to go back and look...or maybe we can google it...hmm but it's not likely that a guy in a turtlestand in Venice has a webpage.
L: Not very likely no.
C: We need to have an awsome april fool joke...what are we gonna do?
L: Google it...!?
C: Ohh I love google...oki...here is what we are gonna do...we are gonna send an empty fake package from Sweden...how mad would they get when opening it and find that it is empty...(she laughs really evil)
L: Your kidding right...?

C: What about soap on the toothbrush? Toothpaste in the face...fingers in water?

I'm just gonna team up with the boys or something...

Today I looked professional...;)Back to the top

Today, during the morning, it was bad weather, so after being sick for three weeks you don't mess around, so on with jeans and a jacket. C gave me an extra look..."wow Lina...You always pull things out of your closet I haven't seen"...My professor also gave me an extra look and said..."You look so professional today Lina" and when I got home A said the same...he said I could be a their manager haha...people love this jacket...

During this little photosession my brother wrote to me on facebook that he is not coming to LA after all...made me sad...but I'm also happy for him beacuse his girlfriend is coming to London and he has a whole week of romance planned ;) lucky girl...she is gonna be treated like a princess.

My phone has been off a couple off days cause I switched operator, but now it's back on and I have free international texts, so I'm gonna terrorise my loved once in Sweden haha.

In LA it's all about brandingBack to the top

We were walking to 4th street when C's cigarette touched my arm, cause I guess she was wawing it around a bit while walking and talking. I reacted fast so it didn't leave a burnmark, but hurt like H***.

L: Shit you almost gave me a freaking mark for life there. I bet you would like me to have something to always remember you by, like a freakin tatoo...
C: Sorry, then you would get to burn me too so we would have the same.
L: Sure thing BFF, I mean sharing hearts in necklesses and stuff are for pussys...here in LA it's all about branding...LA is tough. Vatos Locos...

Yeah, you know how I can spin on...;)

Studying away...some moreBack to the top

I'm just gonna try and study as much as I can right now. I filled up the refrigerator with Red Bull and now my heart is pounding and I'm game on...maybe to on, maybe so on I'm off!?. My politics teacher moved the test to next week, so now I think I have 5 midterms next week...ihhh...

  • I'm not gonna focus a lot on studying for the English midterm, cause it's an essay, and the other part is grammar and we don't have so much to practice on there...the grammar sort of comes naturally for me anyways...I think. Btw, I got my homework back with some positive feedback and this time with a GREEN pen...woho.
  • My photo teacher haven't said anything about a midterm so I'm hoping that one will be another week and it will just be 4 tests.
  • My focus is on politics, I'm a bit behind, but it's not much reading, but it's heavy reading. One essay and a test with questions...will I make it!? It's my favorite class and I'm so excited about getting back my assignment...if it has a good grade ;)...please be another A...
  • I'm also focusing on journalism and there I have a lot to read, but the teacher have been going through the same as in the book and we have practised on it with diffrent assignments. I think she said it was gonna be a combined class midterm with cards and stuff, so maybe, just maybe it can be a bit fun...
Lina, study NOW...get on with it...just gonna have another Red Bull...on and on, this love I feel for you goes on and on...

I can make your bed rock...Back to the top

You know how some songs sneak into your head on repeat...this is the song doing juts that to me now

L: Oh baby, I can make your bed rock...oh baby I can make your bed rock girl...
C: I have heard that song 600 times today
L: You have? I only played it once and you have been with me all day.............Ohhhhhh!!!
C:Yeah ohhh, Can you please shut up with that fucking song now.
L: Sorry, the funny thing is, I don't even know the song...I can only sing one sentence on repeat haha
2 minutes later: "Oh baby, I can"....Fuck, Am I really that annoying
600 times can be correct, cause I didn't even notice myself that I started singing it every fifth minute.

...and I just did it to her again...Ohh baby...it's catchy...

Like my new sunglasses...Back to the top

...or should I say buswindows ;) I looked like shit today when I woke up and there was really nothing to do about it...hiding behind these things helps a bit ;)

Todays outfit...haha...ni får vänja er vid fjortisbilder nu när jag hittat denna funktionen...trying to resist B&J for evening snack...

I'm Swedish...and speak English with three accentsBack to the top

I get to hear I'm from everywhere but Sweden. In Switzerland, cause I spoke English (then not with british accent) they guessed in flollowing order...England, America, Australia...

"No, I'm from Sweden for the 100th time"
"But, your hair is not blonde"


When I came to the US I spoke with a British accent since I just before lived in England for a while and got this order:

My professor in politicas talks about England and says "you guys", when referring to England as it was my home country. I think she later on sort of figured I'm from Sweden instead, cause I might have gotten a bit defensive when she mentioned that Sweden, and some other countries ofcourse, are freeloathing on NATO.

Then a guy in my English class got a bit confused when I spoke Swedish with my Swedish classmate.
"You're from the same place, I thought you were from Australia"

My new Asian friend V from politic class started talking to me some classes ago and as we stood there chatting away and she thought I was American the whole time, til I said something about F1 student.

Today in English class: "Love your shoes, where did you get them?"
"Thanx, Barrats, London"
"London?...but you are from Sweden right?"

They are starting to get it...

People noticing that I am from another country besides England, Australia and America mostly reacts the same as shown above..."but you're not blonde"...take a step outside the box for a while and ask yourself...is it actually possible for a whole nation to be blonde? But I don't blame them...walking around school I can see who's Swedish on clothes and stuff and most of them are actually blondes...is it only blondes leaving Sweden or what?

My Nelly bikinidesign ;)Back to the top

A lot of girls seem to have joined this contest so I did to for fun :) There are quite limited designs to choose from, but this is what I came up with. I'm not so colourful, so this is as colourful it's gets ;) A black bikini or a navy bikini seemed boring, so I picked gold and instead of a pattern, since I'm not so fond of patterns either I chose to make it in two colours. But hey this girl slooks good in anything ;)
Min designade bikini på NELLY.COM

Hjälp mig att vinna, rösta på min bikini här!

Vote on the link above :) or design your own at www.nelly.se

Instead of studying...Back to the top

Can't really focus on my assignment...found photobooth on my computer haha...B&J for eveningsnack...

Let's play the angry stare game and see who laughs first oki...

A Venice Sunday...Back to the top

After some serious studying during the first part of the day, we decided that after three it was time for a break and a little trip over to Venice  to eat and stroll. To be honest we didn't really have time for that, but as C put it...We need a break and we will do much better after...Break is the best thing somebody ever came up with...
So on with some summerclothes because it's crazy good weather here now and I have been sitting most of the day with my nose in a thick politics book and writing my assignment on the computer. It felt good getting out and we knew we were gonna get some photos done for our photoassignment too...so off we gooooooo.

Venice is was crowded and full of life and colour. Strolling there durig the day is nice, but the druggies and homeless hang in Venice and you don't wanna be there in evening and especially not at night. We took a burger at a cosy place and just talked away, mostly about boys actually haha...but you would think that conversation between three girls would go girlie, but I would say that we carried the conversation like "men" haha...what, we are three girls liking single life and so many guys are...umm wierd...maybe that's the wrong word...nuts...no...annoying...

It was a nice stroll with two super girls, we like Venice during the day...and trying on sunglasses ;)...could have bought tons, but C thought they once I tried on all looked the same :) Thanx for a nice day girls...Puss puss

Barbeque, bubblepool ;) and night studiesBack to the top

Today, me, C, A and his girlfriend barbequed down in the yard and I managed a quick dip in the jacuzzi or as I say; "bubblepool"...you don't say that haha...but it has become an internal joke now...with a very British accent. Me and C discovered one more thing we have incommon:

L: You have both ketchup and Lingonberry jam on your mashed potato?
C: It's disgusting I know...(she looks a bit embaressed)
L: No, it's not, I have it to :)

the pool...

Now I'm sitting with my politic assignment in the middle of the night. I guess early nightstudies is my thing, cause I sort of reach a balance then. In the day I have to much strenght to be unfocused and wants to do everything but study. Now I'm tierd, but in such a way that I can keep focus. It's bad though, because it later on goes over to me being so tierd that I obviously can't focus...start to notice when my eyes starts to "burn" a bit. In a hungover state my span haven't really been great today, since I totally forgot what the beginning of the sentence was about when I read the last part. I will consume a lot of Red Bull these two weeks before Spring Break...and now I ate my 12th brownie...no sharing today...

Brownies, B&J, pasta and Ketchup built this body...;)

Tomorrow me and C have a playdate with Michaela and her roomies :) Think we are going to venice and walk around a bit in the lovely weather. Then Anel's girfriend Carla, studying film, is gonna make a musicvideo to a Moby song and enter a musicvideo contest. She wants us to be in it and her other commercial project she's filming haha. I can try, but she will notice I'm not photogenic and will cut me out. She already has spring break from Santa Barbara college and is hopefully gonna stay with us all week :) she was gonna see, didn't wanna be in the way...we had to convince her she's not...we like visitors :)...chill, easy visitors...

Choppi chop, of to bed...my eyes needs resting...

The party don't start til we walk in...Back to the top

and we are all posers ;)...

Yesterday was a blast! Ofcourse me and C were nowhere near ready when Michaela and her two girls arrived, so it was preparty in our room and in the bathroom first haha. Johanna and her girls came later and they all LOVED our apartment. It's so nice gathering a fun girlgang like this :) I dind't even let the glascut in my foot spoil my mood for a second even though it wouldn't stop bleeding...no partypoping. Then into the fog...(haha direct swedish translation, should mean the same) We took a cab all 9 of us and sang (correction: yelled) swedish songs all the way to Viper Room in Hollywood.

Du gamla du fria...
Sommartider hej hej...
I min fantasi rullar vi runt bland mjuka kuddar...
Åhh stjärna på himmelen...
Fångad av en stormvind...
Alla vill till himmelen...
Hej hej Monica, hej på dig Monica...
Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja...
Ont det gör ont...
OSV haha...

Nobody puts cinnamon melt in a corner ;)...

L: How about a Cinnamon melt on the way home.
C: LOVE Cinnamon melt.
F: What's that?
C: One of the most delicious things...cinnamon roll with melted frosting.
F: I don't like cinnamon
C: Everybody likes cinnamon melt, you too and that's that.

We arrived to Viper Room and it was packed and full of Swedes...we had tickets, but the girls that didn't, had to stand in line and gave up and went to eat and ended the night. We saw Timbuktu play...actually talked to him too...and then left for My House. Managed to upset two taxidrivers somehow, again haha...first one kicked us out and the other one didn't wanna drive us haha...so a third one took us there. My House is good, but this was the second time...gonna try another place next time we are out. A fun night...:) :) :)

Still feel a bit wosy today...need some more sleep...but I also need to study, doesn't go well together. J asked if we wanna go out tonight to...I'm thinking about it ;) Brownies for breakfast and brownieicecream stashed in the fridge :) Predictable?

My two bombshell classmates...Johanna, English and Michaela, Journalism...

Anel a.k.a. Nellie was alone with ten girls for a while...by the look on his face he didn't mind. His girlfriend from Brazil (in white dress) is here now to...supernice girl.

My beloved Tisse Fisse :)Back to the top

Two in the night, Swedish Time, Tessan logs in, a bit wosy from red wine, to write "hi babe, what are you doing" just a few minutes after I had been complaining to R that people at home doesn't find it necessary to talk to me since I blog so much. Although Tessan often sends me cute little texts :) After we got her skype to work we just sat there talking and it was so nice to see her. Kim showed up too, more then drunk, and wanted to show his foot beacuse he had blisters or something from his night out with the guys...uhhh. He was actually hardly capable of saying foot haha. C stuck her face in the cam to say hello and get some feedback from T on how annoying I can be when I'm "lost" and that they won't be getting me back , beacsuse I'm gonna stay here with her.

Tessan told me about how dissapointed she gets if I haven't updated my blog when she checks it in the morning...aww...gonna try to not dissapoint you Tisse Fisse ;) She also told me that she loves reading and hearing about my life and that she is happy for me..."I'm so glad The old Lina is back"...She's not the first person saying that nowadays. My brother told me something like that 2 years ago though..."Where is Lina, what have you done to my sister? How far down your shoes are you gonna go?" Didn't quite get it then...Where did I go?...I don't know! Well I guess I'm back, new and improved (a little ;) The new adventures of old improved Lina...

It was funny when T said that she felt she needed to talk to me immediately after reading the post about the earth and seasons. T totally got my point and we discussed it a bit...see I told you, she of all people would get it :) :) :)

She's gonna have surgery on her feet in april and be home from work for 6 weeks. I suggested she come here and heal :) She's just gonna win on the lottery ;) I keep my fingers crossed :)
It's funny when you can just connect to "the other world, over there" like that, like skype. It was so nice talking to you babe...Miss ya!

And today, as I write actually, Sara has her big 25 party...It's gonna be great babe and you are gonna look fabolous in that dress...I hope you have a wonderful evening. Wish I was there!

Do you know why we have seasons Lina?Back to the top

Anel is taking an astronomy class and wants to share information...

A: Do you know why we have seasons Lina? Spring, summer, fall, winter...
L: Because earth is spinning...
A: Ohh...(he looks at me like it's a stupid answer)

M gets to try the answer to and tries to say the earth is spinning, but in a more complicated way...

Don't try Max, your answer is the earth is spinning too, no matter how many extra word you're trying to use.
A: We have seasons because the earth is leaning.
L: If you think about it, can something round really lean?
A: The northpole is pointing to the norhtstar and has an axis it spins around.
L: Yeah ofcourse, but would it really make a diffrence if the earth wasn't "leaning", except that the weather would change for the countries. I mean it might as well have been Africa pointing to the northstar and be called the africastar. We would still have seasons since the earth still spins in it's track around the sun.
A: But the earth is leaning.
L: Yes, but it doesn't have to lean to have seasons...a round thing can't really lean only spin crooked.
A: It's not possible to discuss things with you.
L: It is, but you just have to consider taking it to another level when disscusing with me.
A: Fucking ADD child...the earth is leaning.
L: Yeah, but what if...
(discussion over)

Both M and C got my point...A didn't want to see it...his answer was the earth is leaning and yeah the axis and the equator indicates that the earth is leaning...for me the relevans is in that it's spinning around the sun...there would still be seasons no matter how the axel leans cause the earth is round...but I bet his professor has an explanation for me...Think I need to invite Anels professor over for some Red Bull Vodka and do some astronmy philosophy ;)

Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm not...Do you see my point? I know Tessan and sussi will sort of understand ;) Is a brick wall striped or rectangular haha ;)

Happy B-day T3 <3Back to the top

They grow so fast it's crazy...my little munchin, snygging, sötnos, is turning 3 years old already. I wanna be home and buy him a present, probably a floorball stick and a ball of some sort...crazy about that. "Boll" "ubba"...everything almost round qualifies as a ball and everything long  qualifies as a stick to hit the ball...especially brooms. I wanna hug him, kiss him, toss him in the air (probably to big for that now) and spin him around to hear him laugh like crazy and see him all dizzy, only to look up at me to say "again" with his smile you can't resist. They all have me around their little fingers...

and he likes shoes...A lot of love to this little man in my life...and a lot of X and O...XOXOXOXOXOXO

I want an Iphone...NOWBack to the top

Today while panicking about forgetting my camera I thought to myself that if I go home and write about this and my camera truly is gone, I'm gonna get so mad that I throw my computer in the wall...yeah...why not buy a new computer along with a new camera and a new phone!?...lucky me...the camera didn't get stolen...just a new phone then.

I went to buy an Iphone...he wanted 649 dollars...I was skeptic...he says tax included and that he can't get a hold of anymore unlocked ones and only has two left. I excuse myself by saying I need to go and wire money, which wasn't entierly untrue...I got his card. I look it up on internet and called him to ask which model it is. Turns out it is a 3G and the new one is 3Gs and the 3Gs can't be unlocked yet. Well I'm not gonna buy an older phone when a new one is out...it's just a matter of time before it get cracked right?

Iphone 3Gs...be mine
It's just BS that AT&T, that suck and is expensive, is the only ones to sell Iphone if you sign a 2 year contract. To have any other operator and not sign a contract you need one that is unlocked. I don't get this...has AT&T given apple so much money that it covers all the sales they could have made if it was free for all to buy legally.

Iphone being locked to AT&T is a violation against my Human Rights...who are they to decide how I use my phone...I'm buying it. So now I don't know what to do...thought I would have a new phone today...if I dare...bet I break it or lose it in a week anyway. Gonna look for a sony ericsson battery to my old one for now I think and buy 3Gs when it is cracked.

Excuse my friend, she has ADDBack to the top

Our photoprofessor gave us hell today for missing a class for being sick (and he is not usually serious, at all, but people have been dropping the class so I guess thats why) and apparently we are now THE SWEDES and come as one. When we look att photos C usually lay down on the bench, but the professor said, when you are here (in plural) you lay down sleeping on the bench...excuse me, I sit straight up, maybe if you look on photos for an hour you lean on your hand a bit...umm...sorry!? If C is in class without me or I without her...it's like non of us is there!?

Then I hurry to my journalism class on bundy campus to realize I forgot my camera in class and started panicking. C didn't answer her phone so I jumped on the bus back still calling her...15 times. When I got to campus my teacher call on my phone...yes. I got the camera and he said..."hey sweety"..."sweety I got your back"...hmm...he said he felt bad for giving us hell...well thank you.  On the good side again, but our assigment 2 sucks since we have been sick and my camera broken. We did put in some good photos, but today he told the class that photos taken before class started is not acceptable...our assigment is dead. The thing is I haven't told any of my professors, except in photo, that I have been sick...I don't like making excuses...they all sound like the dog ate my paper.

Went to eat on Yanki Doodle with M and his friends visiting...one of the best burgers in my life. So when I ask his friends what he does back in Sweden M starts staring at me. I ask him why the staring and he says "I have told her what you do like a thousand times, but it goes in one ear and out the other...Excuse my friend...she has ADD"..."WTF" The thing is, I'm joking about it like writing to C when I forgot the camera "Some ADD medicin on this"...but they are serious...told M "I don't have ADD til a doctor says so"...M answers with "We are gonna take her to the doctor, soooon"..............."WTF"

London, Sweden, Switzerland...wanna pop in...Back to the top

Emelie moved back to London a week ago, Sussi flew over there for a visit yesterday and it's Faisal's Birthday today...VIP London is doing Jalouse now...saw the photos from the chocolate store I worked in...yummi...could kill for pink champange truffel right now...I can feel my feet tapping...my fingers itching...why isn't London closer!?

On Saturday Sara is having her big 25 party and it's getting quite common that I miss out on their parties...and on Friday my little munshkin T3 has his third Birthday...Oh I wish, wish, wish...Why isn't Sweden closer!?

Yes I was a Happy London girl...but now I'm a happy LA girl :)

Today reviewing some photos for our next photoassignment we looked among old photos since the camera was temporarily broken. C loved my photos from London, said I was a good photographer and we can just make the whole assignment with my photos :) So I started going through some of my photos from Switzerland too...ohh the mountains. My old boss from Switzerland e-mailed me the other day and I think my Finish friends are leaving there soon :(... wanna go there for a visit too :) ZAPP, ZAPP, ZAPP...

It's not that I wanna leave LA, love it here, but sometimes you just wanna pop in for a night with the girls, a party, hug my parents, play with my 3Ts. I guess I get restless as well, now it's starting to get normal here and I need a vaccation, but all my favourite countries are so far away. Could be that I wanna run away from schoolwork too ;) Well soon it's spring break...leaning on Palm Springs...

Say what!?Back to the top

We were looking through some texts from last saturday when we were out:
T: You girls want us to come pick you up.
C: Ok
T: Where are you?
C: At My House club.
T: Where is that?
C: Google it!
Apparently it's sucha priviledge to pick us up that we don't give an adress...

A Harry Potter commercial comes up:
M: Fly on a broom...woooo...what every teenager wants to do.
L: I do...
Max looks at me maybe because I'm sucha nerd liking Harry Potter, but suddenly it hit me...
L: Ohh...I'm not a teenager :(

The boys bought cookies, yupp cookies in the apartment:
L: Look at this bumblebee I drew in class?
M to A: She's 25...(correction 22)
I keep standing there all smily glancing at the cookies.
M: What do you want?
L: Nothing! (Big smile)
A: Ohh she wants a cookie.
L: No, I don't have to eat cookies just because they are in front of me...
A: You want a cookie?
L: Yes, please...I deserve a cookie because I ate sallad yesterday and today.
So I sit down in the sofa and start by sniffing the cookie...ahh...take a bite.
M: Ahhh...you are eating me (Max pretends to be the cookie) I'm gonna make you fat, I'm gonna go straight to your ass for eating me...ahhh.
L: Can I have one more...
The cookiemonster got started and ofcourse crums all over the place...I offerd to buy the cookies so I could eat them all. They wouldn't let me...I had to settle for 2.

I'm reading this shortstory that a deaf woman wrote about being deaf.
L: Wow, imagine writing this good with words you never heard, but they say that if you lose one of your sences, the others will get much better.
C: Oh yeah, It's not like I would wanna lose my hearing to see and sniff better. Besides how can she write if she never heard the words?
L: Umm...from books.
C: Ohh yeah, I forgot, you can learn by reading too.

C was talking on the phone with her mother while I was studying: "How is Mjaoi? (her cat)...Can't you hit him so he meows so I get to hear him"...I look up from my book...you're seriously asking your mom to hit your cat!?

Studying away...Back to the top

Today I walked all over Santa Monica to buy a new lens for the Camera. Turns out I need to go all the way to Westwood, don't have the time. When I got home today after class, dragging the camera with me half the day C takes it up to look at it...and you now what...it's not broken anymore. Just 2 hours before a store manager said "Wow, looks like somebody smashed it"...the zoom was all crooked and couldn't go in and out, but now it must have healed itself or something...thank you very much. C says: "Now have you learned something from this, maybe to take better care of your camera"...when did I become their little kid to lecture up...?

What was even worse was that our English teacher came in today saying she had bad new and good news. The bad: The WHOLE class flunked the suprise quizz we had last lesson. The good news, she wasn't gonna count it :)...but seriously, how bad was her quizz if everybody flunks. You could have 14 points...the one having the highest had like 2-3 points haha...crazy. She's not so "teachi"! Handed in our third homework today and let me tell you I was afraid to do so...I'm afraid of her red pen.

Devan has a photoblog and photograps people when they don't know...This is how entertained I am in journalism class and nope as before I don't have the strenght nor the time like other girls to waste time on make up to go to school...

Trying to study as much as possible every hour I'm awake now, but it feels like I'm getting nowhere. I have my first midterm next week, or so I think, my teacher said maybe. Otherwise I have three midterms the week after that, test and essay two diffrent days in English class and a test in journalism. So this week is all about catching up in the classes and handing in assigments, then mideterms studies...my life is gonna be so boring hiding in the books, but at least I'm going out friday....:) :) :)

Fresh prince singing...LOLBack to the top

Everybody must love Fresh Prince...Here you have some videos when Will Smith is singing on diffrent episodes...LOL...bad quality, but still hilarious...

Todays mood: Fuck you...fuck everythingBack to the top

A fight, drama, not so much sleep, I'm exhausted, class sucks, need a dose of Sweden and my 3Ts. Makes no sense, yes, for me neither.

Today I'm in a bad mood, cause when I was gonna use my camera today it was broken. Looks like somebody sat on it cause the lens is crooked. I can mope about it, but it comes down to that it's just a thing, replaceable. I hope it's not expensive to buy a new lens, cause we really need the camera for class.

I guess mostly I'm mad at myself for not focusing enough on school, I can't focus, I have been sloppy. I got an A on my politic assignment, A on my photoassigment, but it's being overshadowed by my englishpaper that probably is a B- or C or something. I have never seen so much red on anything I have done in my whole life!

First I felt that I couldn't relate to the topics and wrote a stiff draft that everybody was suppose to bring to class to be corrected and taken home to fix. I changed my topic after the draft and rewrote the whole thing so technically everybody had an already corrected paper and I handed in a first timer, so maybe thats why, but still it's my own fault. C looked at it and said "I don't think your teacher likes you cause she is being a bitch, some of these corrections are just stupid". Maybe so...but I need to do better...but it's all about development right.

Now no more drama, no more B&J, hopefully get rid of this throatthing, early sleep and study, study, study...

Do I have ADD?Back to the top

So I randomly enter a blog and this blogger talks about having a hard time to concentrate and is gonna check if she has ADD. Then she explains what it is and mentiones that she doesn't fit in to all of these descriptions and the once she does fit in on ain't all that bad...hmm...but I do fit in on all of these...a lot. Felt a bit wierd reading this and I joked about it with C who made it her mission 2 in the night to seriously check this out. 15 minutes later she was very serious when diagnosing me with ADD...

Can I really have it, is there really a diagnose for my confused state? I mean people notice, but I don't think they know that there might exist a diagnose either, that I just am as I am. I'm quite used to telling people that I'm a bit like JD in scrubs haha...

Check, check, check...but many of the things on the checklist are actually pretty normal. It's just that when being unconciously sloppy, forgetful, lose things standing in one place, daydream, not being able to follow a simple conversation, having people call on you ten times, forget what you were talking about in the middle of a sentence and get bored and never stick to one thing...ect...it's just so damn boring getting mad a yourself for these things all the time...



The short explenation: Like ADHD (it's a subgroup to ADHD) although no problem sitting still, quite the opposite, having a hard time getting started. ADD is more normal among girls.

Thomas Brown beskriver vanliga symptom vid ADD (ouppmärksamma formen), checklist:

  • Ofta lättdistraherad av yttre stimul.
  • Ofta svårt att följa instruktioner från andra -- är ofta ouppmärksam på detaljer eller gör slarvfel.
  • Svårt att bibehålla och styra uppmärksamheten -- dagdrömmer, svårt att fokusera.
  • Verkar ofta inte lyssna på vad som sägs-- verkar inte lyssna direkt på tilltal --verkar drömmande.
  • Tendens att tappa bort saker som är nödvändiga för uppgifter eller aktiviteter, ofta glömsk i det dagliga livet.
  • Svårt att organisera målinriktade aktiviteter, undviker ofta, ogillar eller är ovillig att utföra uppgifter som kräver mental uthållighet.
  • Växlar ofta från en oavslutad aktivitet till en annan.
  • Viss forskning visar att barn med hyperaktiva-impulsiva symptom tenderar att få fler problem med beteendet och uppförandet, medan barn med den ouppmärksamma formen, löper en högre risk att drabbas av andra störningar som depression eller ångest.

    Healthcare is happening to the USBack to the top

    So today late sunday the bill of health care reform was passed and will be signed to be lawbinding by the president this week. A big congratulation is in order for Obama!

    The bill passed although not a single republican voted for it and the opposition is big. Still everybody agrees it's a big, no huge happening in America. It was written that something this big and changing hasn't happend since medicare 1965.

    When I read about this as a Swede I don't quite get it. Why would anybody be against healthcare and even though this is big, I bet the bill is totally stripped from it's original...but babysteps people. Hmm...I wonder how Michael Moore is feeling about this, must check out if he has a website or something.

    But still in Sweden we have safety nets for everything, welfare, maybe so good that it's almost impossible to fall out of the system. Freeloathing is always a problem in all systems! I pay for my own health care as well as for others and others do the same for me...I pay for the library and so does everybody else whether I use it or not, but it's for the greater good.

    Maybe I see it in another light since I grew up with it and is used to paying high tax, but then have almost everything around me next to free. Sure sometimes you wish it wasn't so high, but I rather have it that way, than feeling as unsafe as I do in the US now, although I have double insurance. I think that the opponents of health care are real pessimist seeing it with a patch on one eye.

    America will in the future look back and not understand why this didn't happen sooner, reform is scary, but compared the reform they are asking/ wishing other countries for, this is not all that big...not for a Swede...

    Taking it to another dimensionBack to the top

    Been talking about all the distractions that makes you do everything rather than study, so now we are trying to be effective. We almost took multitasking to another level:

    C: Max, let's play poker while the potatoes are cooking...
    L: And let us watch an episode while we are playing poker...

    We decided later to just watch the episode while eating instead, cause we are not likely to study while eating...wonder if it would have been possible to cook, play poker and see and episode all at once.

    The most common word in our apartment must be..."Where is....?" and everytime M makes an annoyed sound hearing it. And no it's not mostly me, C is worse cause she haven't learned organized chaos, I have been practising that for years...so now ofcourse I still look for stuff, not a bulletproof system ;) but not as much as her.

    M: Cat I found your internetbanking device under the sofa.
    C: I knew it was there...!?!?

    Kind of a wierd place ro keep your stuff, don't you think...maybe I should just keep my Usb cord under there too.

    Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike?Back to the top

    For some reason we were gonna give eachother more nicknames...I already have Lilo and sköldis (turtle)...so after a few laughs and stupid nicknames I ended up with brownie (woho, no suprise there) and C with peach...we tried diffrent once on Max who we call Maxi and reach Dino or Crank and for some reason ended up with Petrie from the land before time (landet för länge sedan), but then he got to be Cera instead...cranky and stubborn.

    That movie is one of my favorite childrens movies ever...and C is sucha Ducky (Kvacki) yupp, yupp ,yupp...and then I go through all the funny things I rememberd from the movies, names, lines, characteristics, the lovely end song that gave me goosebumps as a kid. C was first impressed but then she just made the conclusion that I was a supernerd as a kid...quite the opposite actually haha...

    So first I got to be Littlefoot, but as I talked more about the characters C said I'm Spike (tagg)....NO I'm not...and she took up some clips on youtube and she and M reach the conclusion that I get to be Spike...WTF..."Yeah, u like to eat, sleep, you laugh stupid, you are slow and not aware of your surrondings"...yeah but what about the rest of me...I refuse to be Spike...think she likes the thought more of that Ducky finds Spike and make him his petbrother and BFF.

    My conclusion is that we are probably a bit of all the characters as in Sex and the City ;) and you don't always see yourself as others see you...maybe you should just belive the middle line...

    I wanna hold em' like they do in texas, pleaseBack to the top

    A lot of 7th heaven saturday...yupp all from the beginning, you should hear us sing "when I see there happy faces smiling back at me...oh 7th heaven"...the nerdy side of us...we happend to like that show a lot when we were young haha.

    Down to 4th street for some thaifood and it was GOOD...and let me tell you, something on the way down was very wrong. I was in front walking faster then the other two just like that..."Look, the turtle is on a Catwalk misson, did you put something in her water"

    Then Max had pokerlesson with us...I wanted the table moved out to the middle of the room for more pokertable feeling ;) We took turns in winning and sucking...C throws a lot and has no pokerface, even say things like...yeay and fuck...very hard to read ;) I play to aggressive and play with all cards so they know I'm mostly bluffing haha...

    C loses beliving she had flush "Ohh i thought I had two ace of diamonds" ;)

    My brother once tried to teach me and my friends, I forgot it all and none of us got really hooked...I'm gonna practice some online poker now :) Max showed me and let me play some on his account with very low bets but still...but honestly I'm to slow reading the cards so I shouldn't take it seriously...or I will...or I get bored with this as with everything else...gahhh.

    Can't read my, can't read my, no, he can't read my poker face...

    ...They got nothing on you babe...Back to the top

    These guys were playing at the fashionshow yesterday...BoB - Nothing on you...pretty decent song huh ;) beautiful girls all over the world...

    Where is My House?Back to the top

    What was suppose to be a cheap fashion night out in Hollywood yesterday got pretty expensive. J was sure the cab would cost 25 til 30 dollar and we were five people, so that would be oki...only the cab costed 54, but the cab driver reduced to 50 after we got pissed and accused him of taking a D-tour. Then we went in front of the line for the fashionshow at Music Box :) plus a guy gave me a free ticket :) which I shared with C by paying for half her ticket <3

    C was hot yesterday despite her rash...

    Then we dicided that a drink was necessary cause we were out very sober cause we left for Hollywood before 8 and didn't have much time to preparty...and it's just dangerous paying every second, cause all of a sudden you have been drinking 4 drinks x 12 dollars and it feels like you only paid for 2.

    Then try asking people where My House is (a club)..."Excuse me, do you know where My House is?" "You don't know ehere your house is, how should I know? Ohh I know where My House is baby, wanna go?" they all pulled the same disgustingly boring joke, so we just hopped into a cab instead of asking for directions to walk there...6 dollars.

    My House club...

    Then we take a cab very tipsy home to Santa Monica and this time J is sure it's only gonna cost 25...it costed 54 but at least this time we went through a Mc'Donalds drive through...fyllekäk...Cinnamon Melt bitte...schnell...it was a genious idea at the time, but the food was so good...!?! and it was so nice of C leaving her fries all over the taxi floor for the taxi driver, she is so considerate ;) Since it was suppose to be a cheap night the girls had limited money so some how my card went up and down and up...:s

    But three drunk girls in a cab giggeling...is a succesfull night to me...passed out on the sofa with the phone in my hand...

    Fredag som känns som lördagBack to the top

    Vi var lediga från skolan i torsdags så därför känns det som lördag idag. Vi ska på en fashionshow i Hollwood eftersom det är LA fashionweek, sen blir det klubb efter showen. C har fått en allergireaktion från pencillinen och har utslag över hela kroppen så hon var inte på G så mycket, men det har nog ändrats nu. Nu är det bara frågan om vad jag ska ha på mig...

    Later alligator...

    Svenneafton i West HollywoodBack to the top

    Då har man kanske snart sett Timbuktu i båda LA för han och några andra artister kommer att vara på en svennekväll här i Los Angeles på självaste Viper Room. Vi ska vara en bunke svenskar som förfestar här hemma och sen drar dit, det ska bli jätte kul, så nu inväntar vi 26:e även om det datumet för en närmre midterms.

    6 mars, Viper Room, West Hollywood.
    Bad Taste Records/Bad Taste Events presents

    with Looptroop Rockers at 12:15am,

    Timbuktu and Chords at 11:35pm,
    Adam Tensta at 10:55pm,

    Danko Jones at 9:55pm,

    Downstairs Lounge: DJ High Voltage

    St Patrick's Day...Back to the top

    And then it was St Patrick's day and it has become quite serious here. I started of my day with black in school and went down town, everywhere green and I got some comments for not having any green at all. At least some had painted something on the cheek, had something green in their hair or just a green neckles. I didn't have any green or so I though, til I found my trashy top from when I was backpacking in Australia among my things here...well it is green so on with it cause I was going out with the boys...after the basketball game...C has late evning class wednesdays.

    Me and our bear lakers Charlie...he went Celtic like the boys for a day just to be green...

    Here are the boys all green and Paddy ready...We went down to hooters and I had a big nacho plate yummi...no fucking sallad or chickensticks or whatever here...Max is the worst eater in the world so I ended up eating the last of his burger and his fries haha...he is sucha girl...drank green beer...green shots...I was taking it easy but I had a beer and a shot. When we were gonna throw basketballs at hooters I said I was a bit woosy and they looked at my beer that was not finished and half my shot was still there...they are covinced that I need next to nothing to become drunk and they are right haha...ohh and notice the pretty green necklaces we got at hooters to...

    Then we went to Yanki Doodle bar and played some pool and shot some hoops and the guys had some more to drink. It became a real guys night out haha talking about everything...

    I was talking to a guy that we all three agreed on was a ten (the boys even said they do him)...when his friend says...hey I like your boobs...are you suppose to say thanx to that?...Exchanged number with the guy to maybe meet them up at another bar later, just to diss him. His looks was ten, personality from the few minutes we spoke umm not a ten...sometimes its just nice to know you can have...;)

    It was a nice Paddy day and it is nice knowing I can just go out with the guys like this...crazy chill...:)

    Shining along with the sun on a green day :) :) :)Back to the top

    I love it...the real California weather is finally here and although I'm sort of still sick I smile and smile and yeah...SMILE. After politic class today I went down by myself to 3rd st promenade...and can I tell you again how much I LOVE that street.

    Held three items at forever 21 trying to decide if I'm gonna buy them or not when they started playing Jay Sean - Down...hey that's cheating, ofcourse that made my mood even better and I bought them. Don't regret it for a second, I will show you later :)

    Then I ate a Cinnamon melt at Mc'Donalds and sat at the table out by the street, eating alone, who cares, shopping alone, who cares...there I was feeling "this is life" in this beautiful warm weather. I also bought i-work so now I can do some serious writing for class on this thing...just gonna manage to install and understand it to.

    I kept on being all smily til a bird crapped on my arm while I was waiting for the bus back to school...ooouuuu...suppose to be luck some people say...well do this punk feel lucky today...not so much...but it is St Patricks day and I need to find something green to wear to go out a bit with my boys...mmm nachos at hooters and then find a cool bar...me like....no beers for me though...

    Hmm this just reminded me I need to see greenstreet huligans 2 ;) Green it is...

    Movies I would save...Back to the top

    Since my roomies are studying acting and film I asked them which 5 movies they would save to take on the arch :) They start thinking...mentiones a couple (bad once I think)...and then returns the question.

    Oki first of all we need to count the lord of the rings movies and star wars movies as one movie each since they are the same story. Then I would take the Shawshank Redemption, Boondock Saints, the Pluton, American History X, Forrest Gump...ohh we need to have series aswell so Friends and Band of Brothers...and Scrubs and South Park...

    They ask me: "Are you sure you're a girl?, don't you like wanna bring my best friends wedding or something" and I answer "Ohh yeah...I forgot the Notebook, that one I would definetly bring"

    It would be totally impossible to choose just 5...maybe 5 from each genre...Comedies: Van the Man, The Hangover, Senseless, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Zoolander...fuck that was 6...see impossible, probably forgot one really funny to...

    Which movies would you bring?

    Seems like my roomies are getting to know me...nice knowing you ;)Back to the top

    Max commented that acting me would be a very fun part and then he walks around the apartment looking all confused. In the mornings when I come out of the room he can swear I look so confused trying to orientate that he belives that I think I'm Sweden the first couple of minutes. It's funny, if people are gonna describe me they always use the word confused...maybe I should videotape myself and see what they are talking about.

    • When I watch TV, read something interesting or just stare into the air being in my own little world, people try to make contact ten thousand times without an reaction from me. "Lina, helloooooo" and then I look up with a smile thinking it's the first time they called on me. They think they have my attention and starts talking and I go like sorry, what did you say. This everyone that know me knows though...that's why my friends don't have the TV on when not needed and takes away the magazines when I'm there.
    (Cat comment: And I HATE when that happnes!!! Say everthing 7 times just in case even if she has answered me..grrrr)
    • That my clothes often have chocolate and ketchup staines, hate feet, don't know what healthy is, that I'm almost always right and my opinion matters, and that I suck at cooking "Lina, do you know that the food is actually suppose to stay in the pan"
    • That I'm often late and forget things! My friends now a days bet on how late I'm gonna be and still call to remind me not to be late. When my friends have a party together I end up going to the apartment where the party isn't, on the other side of town, and yeah I also forget my money at home and the booze in the car driving me to the wrong place, that in my mind was right. Tessan once told me: "It's annoying, but that's a part of you and we love you"
    • That I walk extremly slow, "Oh Lina I wish you weren't sick so you could go out walking with me...(paus)...or on a second thought, no, I wouldn't get very far in your paste" then she demonstrates me walking...didn't know anybody could walk so slow...she must be exaggerating ;) (Cat comment: NOOOOT EXAGGERATING)
    • That I'm clumpsy! Spill out wine and while talking about the wine I spilled, cursing my clumpsyness I spill again. Or I just drag my feet so much I stumble! First reaction people have is that it's so cute...in the long run, not so much...heffaklumpen.
    They laugh at me, get frustrated and make fun of me...well it could be seen as my bad sides, are they to many ;), but I have embraced them, they are me...and if people can't accept that, they don't get to enjoy the rest of me either...cause there are better sides of me :)...pinky swear...

    Why settle with Rihannas umbrella?Back to the top

    Yupp, umbrella is a cool song but it is even cooler as my favourite band All Time Low made a poprock cover of it. Under it you have Vanilla sky a little rockier then All Time Lows version and they make a joke of her video as well. For a more elvis influenced one you have the baseballs version and for the slow one Mandy Moore...umbrella for everybodys taste :)

    When the sun shines, we'll shine together 
    told you I'll be here forever, said I'll always be your friend
    took an oath, I'mma stick it out 'till the end
    Now that it's raining more than ever
    told you we'll still have each other
    You can stand under my umbrella...

    Get sick soon...Back to the top

    Today, Monday I was ready to be almost fully recovered from being sick and went back to school. I have been feeling almost like health itself this weekend and stayed of partying and activites. Instead I watched movies, studied a bit and ate icecream and what do I get for that? Reverse...instead off feeling better it now feels like when it started, that I'm becoming sick again :( I must have done something bad without knowing cause this just ain't happening.

    I woke up and one of my tonsils was huge again, it feels like it's gonna go through my throat cause I can feel it on the outside and turning my head hurts....oki to much information. M thinks I'm a bit warm and my super headache ain't helping me write this article for class tomorrow...anyway I'm back in school...have to be...let's hope it's better tomorrow...C is alreay better, tanning and training again, but A is probably getting sick too...

    And this people is called a LIBRARY...Back to the top

    Today in english class we were gonna meet up at the library and hand in our essays. Who forgets...yes me! Why is the classroom empty? Took a second for me to figure out, would probably have forgotten even if I had been on the last class. We were suppose to sit by the computers she controlled while she demonstrated how the library works. I started talking to another swedish girl in my class today that usaually sits on the other side of the normal classroom and we sat together.

    I write to her:
    "Are you addicted to facebook if you find it a waste of time sitting and staring at a computer like this without being logged on :)"...and we laugh...."Don't they know what a library is here or what?"

    She writes: "Have they ever heard of google?" what's funny about that is that the instructor later on shows us how to google...hello we google almost every day...

    My finish: "And this people is called a LIBRARY" and I sign with my hands to demonstrate the building around me...ohh yeah we had a lot of fun about that instruction...and then we went to Subway and talked away and exchanged numbers...like making friends :)

    I hate mondaysBack to the top

    As usual I'm tierd and don't wanna go out of bed, but the worst part is that it feels like my tonsilitus is starting all over again...or maybe it's just fighting really hard. I was suppose to start healthy today...but at least I can't give it to others since I'm on penicillin.

    A lot to do today/ this week...thank you very much for only having three schooldays instead of four, we are free thursday and have a longer weekend...to study. Now of to school for some politics...

    Remember meBack to the top

    Me and C went down to 3rd street promenade for another movie...ohh we love that street, a more cosy street you must look for. The movie on the nights schedule was the premiere of Rob Pattisons Remember me.

    It's about two newfound lovers both struggling with their broken families. It feels like an indie movie and it has a clever dialogue every now and then talking about authors and poets. The movie is sort of builds up on the Mahatma Ghandi quote "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but its is very important that you do it", that you got to like.

    It starts off good with that quote and you get to see very soon why their families are broken, but after that it gets a bit slow. Pattison looks good, but not so good that I felt I wanted to be in the bed instead of Emelie de Ravin. The part he plays is very similar to his Edward part, except that he drinks a lot of beer and smokes a lot of ciggarets, but the pain and suffering part.

    It's the ending that gets to you...you didn't see that one coming. It leaves you breathless for a while and makes you think that although the movie was a bit slow, it was so broken and with such ending still good.

    3/5 LLL

    RoomiedinnerBack to the top

    So far we have all been cooking for ourselves or in pairs since we're on diffrent time schedules, but today we got to initiate our table for four. It have only been used for dumping stuff and the chairs are always elsewhere. Off to Ralph's for grocerys and then C cut the vegetables and I made the meatsauce...offcourse people spagehtti and köttfärsås was on the menu :) bring out the nice glasses...

    Yeah...here you can see the poor table with only one chair full of stuff in the background. Like this crazy picture, don't know why...

    A beer and B&J halfbaked after that with my effort to rewrite my essay. The first one made no sense for me since I couldn't relate to it, so I decided to change story and topic like I'm not having enough to do. Been studying by the pool trying to catch up with C's tan, but it's hard studying when they keep talking non stop.

    Well a nice evening with my roomies cheer you up a bit while waiting to finish studying and getting 100% healthy again <3

    I'm in love with a fairytale...Back to the top

    "You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, they were so close you could taste them, but eventually you grow up, one day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is its hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true."

    "At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. Its like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And its not so important happy ever after, just that its happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you , and once in a while people may even take your breath away."

    You're The Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen, Like A Teddy Bear On HeroinBack to the top

    I guess there is a way around everything for me:
    1. I'm just gonna finish studying...later on: "I'm on page 127, that's almost page 200 so we can do something now"
    2. Since I'm still recovering I deserve icecream to the movie.
    3. Since we were gonna buy icecream and would have been out drinking if we weren't sick we could juts get brownies and cinnamon melts instead of dinner.
    4. Since we already ate brownies and stuff we might as well eat a pizza to cause I'm in the mood for pizza.
    5. According to C I have brownie eating skills. There is 4 brownies left and I ask C if she's gonna have any more of them. "No thank you, you can have them" "Are you sure" "Yes, Im not so brownieskilled as you"...Good cause I wanted them all...moahaha.

    People in your life...Back to the top

    Sometimes people come into our life and you know right away that they were meant to be there to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment they will affect your life in some profound way.

    I have been thinking about the people passing through and staying in my life. Sometimes I might have wanted someone to stay and sometimes wish someone had left sooner, but it sort of serves a purpose. As I watched Greek they put it as simply as this: Some people are ment to stay in your life, others are jut ment to make an apperance...

    A to do listBack to the top

    Yesterday I was gonna sit down and study, catch up for not being in school those two days and yeah for the other things I've been putting up. My brain was spinning, I need it in black and white, how far behind am I, when is the midterms? I wrote it all down and made a list of it and hung it up on my wall. Now I have this annoying note on my wall saying study, study so you can cross me over...I love it and hate it...I just wanna cross it off. Guess that's why I always make lists...I know I NEED to cross the things on it over...

    Cinnamon melt, a new loveBack to the top

    Today before the Movies we decided to induldge in a cinnamon melt at Mc'Donalds and visiting Mc'Donalds is pretty unusal for me, with exception of that week in London where I for some reason ate a couple of cheeseburgers before I got my first salary there. So we finish them and C go like "I could eat seven of these, or at least three, four" "Me to"...we looked att eachother and bought one more each to sneek in to the movies, but when finishing up  that one I go "Two is enough for me"..."Me to". But people, they are so gooooood...

    It's a delicious cinnamonbun with melted frosting and it's to die for...to bad they don't have them in Sweden.

    C: Lina I find this better then brownies

    L: Today I do to

    C: Damn then this thing is really good.

    Someday...Back to the top

    SOMEDAY you will meet someone who drives you crazy...someone you'll laugh with and fight with and just do totally insane things for, basically someone who TURNS YOUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN...


    Let's at least wear a nice dress for this scenario...if it's black I will go well to the funeral aswell ;)

    Love those pills...Back to the top

    Got my penicillin and by then C already picked up my sickness and went straight to the doctor for some pills awswell before she would get as sick as me. So today we have been able to hang out side to side like before since we're both sick...much more fun being sick together. The pills already makes me feel better and today I got to eat, real food and not just icecream, but that B&J half baked made my day yesterday :)

    The pills looking like candy...

    In B&W...

    The pill horrormovie watch out...they have come to kill ya...

    We do look good for being sick, today has been a rather good day, but M is so afraid of getting sick that everytime I walk out of my room he goes like "Lina, I know you think you feel good today, but you better stay in bed anyway, your body needs the rest". I have been in bed for like 48 h, how fun does he think it is and besides, he can't get sick from me now cause I'm on penicillin :) Meds, ohh meds...

    What hurts the mostBack to the top

    I love when Cascada takes these awsome slowsongs and makes them into a remix so you can take them to the gym. For some reason this song makes me run like a maniac and let me tell you I don't run.

    Found the original slow version from Rascal Flatts and they made a heartbreaking video for it. The girl acts heartbreakingly good and yeah...almost makes your heart break...haha...They have taken away the codes so I just give you a link...check it out.


    Almost on my feet againBack to the top

    Efter en jobbig natt och ett uppiggande telefonsamtal från pappi igår (ringde han vid midnatt i sverige natten innan för att han skulle tyck synd om mig), gick jag till healthcare center på skolan och sjuksköterskan skulle bara ta sin ficklampa för att kolla i min hals. Tänkte säga till henne att ficklampan inte behövdes för att se i min hals, det går inte att missa mina mandlar. När hon väl lös i munnen så sa hon "ohhh, u need to see the doctor"...hmm yes, since I can hardly talk, that would be good. Skulle komma tillbaka om två timmar för doktorn var inte där nu. Vilken pain att gå hem och komma dit igen. Doktorn reagerade likdant..."ohhh, they are huge, you have tonsilitus"...had already figured that one out, big time.

    Fick ett recept på penicillin, men var tvungen att stå där helt groggy och fylla i en massa papper. Skulle hämta ut receptet, men det tog en stund så jag fick gå runder i affären...pain...köpte massa juice som jag tänkte jag skulle få i mig. Penicillinen gick på 4 dollar, det överlever jag nog! Hem och knarka penicillin och ligga i sängen och försöka sova bort smärtan...juicen jag köpt gick inte ner, gjorde på tok för ont. Vakna upp av att mina roomisar gjorde mat, det lukta så gott, men jag kan ju inte äta...suck...tur att jag ändå inte har aptit, annars hade det varit hemskt.

    Framåt kvällen var det lite bättre så jag kunde se lite nya episodes av greek och fick ner lite juice och B&J. Vakna på natten och fann att jag kunde äta, fick ner lite brownie :)...resten av natten var dock pain. Fick feber och för att vara en person som aldrig svettas så har jag dessa nätter vaknat upp av att det kännts som jag badat...äckligt...en dusch hade varit i sin ordning, men C sov ju och skulle upp tidigt...fick ta en paus från sängen, men sen fryser man ju också börjar det om. Idag mår jag lite bättre och står på fötterna och har slängt mina sängkläder i tvätten...ingen mer feber nu tack. Pencillinen ska knarkas!

    Try taking your eyes off of this...Back to the top

    Was in the movies the other day and saw this poster, and for some reason I had a hard time taking my eyes off of it...

    Sjukling...Back to the top

    Igår natt så började jag få ont i halsen och när jag vakna upp på morgonen var jag helt av det. Tog en dusch och mådde lite bättre så jag gick ändå till skolan för här har man inte tid och vara sjuk, man får inte. På väg hem från skolan dock så var det som om benen skulle vika sig under mig. Jag kommer hem och lägger mig i sängen, inte visste jag då att jag skulle ligga där i 24 timmar.

    Jag hade så ont i kroppen att det kändes som något höll på att äta upp mig och sen var man jättevarm ena stunden och frös som tusan den andra. Mina roomisar har sagt åt mig att hålla mig på rummet, de vill inte bli sjuka, men det är så tråkigt även om man har ont och knappt kan gå.

    När jag kom till skolan igår och skulle prata med C så fråga hon mig varför jag pratar som en döv person, då var det bara ena mandlen, nu är det båda. De bara skrattar åt mig när jag försöker prata och M skulle spela in mig idag, han fick ett fuck you Max, och blev väl nöjd med det för som det lät.

    Inatt har jag bara svettats ut allt, usch, det har varit jobbigt, men vid 10 tiden så var det som om processen var färdig, min kropp värkte inte i den utsträckningen längre, så en dusch och iväg till doktorn medans jag kan röra mig. Det har varit och är så synd om mig :(

    Facebook typerBack to the top

    Hittade en rolig artikel där man har utgjort facebook typer haha. Tänkte att jag är säkert i en av kategorierna, men det är jag inte. Jag är bara en facebbok missbrukare som tycker om att uppdatera min feed nästan varje dag med för mycket text, måste ta tag i det.  Är du en av dessa facebook typerna?


    Don't ever give upBack to the top

    All I want to do is help. I want to help because I don't think people should suffer as they do, because if there's
    no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world.

    I promise you that when you begin to break, I'll be a phone call away. I swear I'll help you take the pain away. I won't rest until I know you're okay.

    C in a nutshellBack to the top

    C: I'm from Sweden
    U: Catholic swedes, right
    C: No we are christians
    U: Yeah, but catholics right
    C: No we are christians

    Had to explain that one to her...

    C: Lina they are playing our song
    L: okey
    C: Lina they are playing or song
    L: Yeah sure
    C: They are playing our song
    L: C...ur phone is ringing

    Guess it's hard being hungover thinking the store is playing our song.

    I love when Max goes crazy n' bitchBack to the top

    Max came home and I said something like welcome home bitch...and he goes like well thank you slut. I laugh and says let's keep it bitchy tonight I'm in that mood. So then we joke and bitch with eachother but later on it escalates a bit when we can't find C's SIM card. The card has been in one place the whole time and now it's gone and she blames me for being drunk...hmm I wasn't drunk when I saw it in that place yesterday.

    I ask Max if he put it away somewhere and teases him about hiding it cause he would find it fun to see me look for it and C bugging me about it. Anyways it all end up with him yelling on us about how messy we are and we just laugh cause he is so funny when he gets a bit mad and is gonna lay out all that is wrong with us. He is a neat and tidy cleaning bitch and blames on headaches...hmm...who's the girl?

    Anyway...we are messy...and Max wants us to learn from this expirience with the lost SIM...is he now a parent aswell? I have been laughing til I couldn't breath...yeah my donkeylaugh that hmm...doesn't really sound like a donkey but still wierd according to people. We fight laugh, bitch, laugh...they yell, I laugh...fighting is fun.

    M: I don't care...(oh there is a lot of caring when he bitches...roomie <3)

    OffBack to the top

    Är fortfarande seg från helgen bravader och det var tufft att gå upp i morse. Det blev en riktig dos av Hollywood, men ska nog vara lite mer stadig på benen nästa gång haha. Lämna in min första assignment i politicclass idag och det är tur att jag har R som kunde läsa igenom den innan och rätta min engelska lite. Thanx R :)

    Snart fyller min T3 år snart, de växer så snabbt. Om man ändå hade kunnat zappa hem sig till hans födelsedag, börjar sakna min familj riktigt mycket nu, men har inte hemlängtan.

    Puss o Kram

    Party in the USBack to the top

    So yesterday we were all going out in Hollywood but first pre party:) On the first picture you can see my phone behind the computer, later I'm gonna move the computer so the phone falls down in the zink to die. Great! C.s Sim doesn't work and my phone doesn't work so my SIM in her phone ofcourse.

    Roomie 1: C

    Glasses on as the study nerds we now are...and we wrote my number on C just in case haha...

    Roomie 2: M

    Roomie 3: A

    LOL...Me me me me me...;)

    Stella won't you take me home...

    Went to playhouse club, wasn't good but we did have fun anyways :)

    DBack to the top

    Sorry D, was gonna add u on face...seems impossible though...;) Good luck with everything!

    What's happeningBack to the top

    I eat healthier...yes I have only been doing it for a week, but give me some credit and today I did put up some rules for what had to be done before I could start partying. My two assignment are done check, I went to the gym check and I ate pasta check, been at Ralphs buying more healthy food check and when I took a break from the studies I cleaned up, even after C. Am I evolving some disciplin?

    Now I am allowed to pour up Red Bull Vodka (unhealthy I know, but I give myself that) and go out in Hollywood :)

    Pasta or not pastaBack to the top

    Just came from the gym and gonna make some pasta, but the thing is that I'm actually considering not eating pasta even though I waited for this moment all week. This week I have been so healthy that I can say that I have been eating more eggs, fruit and vegetables this week then I have in my entire life.

    I was gonna let myself eat pasta once a week, been pretty hard since I ate it almost every day before. According to all celeberties and magazines the enemy is pasta or more to be more precise carbs, and it doesn't help having a roomie eating no carbs at all. I hate this cause either you start off and don't keep it OR you get obsessed with it, that's why I didn't wanna do this in the first place, but I am. I have to for now, I need to learn to eat vegetables, fruit and other healthy stuff the hard way.

    Just by writing this I have come to my senses and the pasta is now cooking, wholegrain ofcourse ;) with meatsauce and lots of ketchup haha...Why is it that  I can never remember to have more clothes on when I cook...aouch...now let's eat.

    SchoolweekBack to the top

    Monday - Politics and it's very interesting but there is an annoying girl asking non related questions so the teacher never gets through all the notes on the powerpoint. Then home an write an essay for english class in 20 min, go down by the pool and take some photos for photoclass and of to englishclass an analyze shortstorys. Later that night put together journalism assignment.


    Tuesday - We were almost the only ones handing in assignment 1 for extra credit in photoclass. Teacher just gets more wierd, is he serious! Then journalism and hand in 6 potenitial storytopics and newsquizz. Me and Michalea talk so much that she told me to sit somewhere else LOL...felt like we were little kids again. Seem like we are making a team in journalist class...team Lina, Michaela and Devan :)


    Wednesday -
    Professor reads up how she would compile the 1 page assignment on a ca 4 page articel...what's left for us to write??? In englishclass it seems like we are forming up a team aswell and when I was gonna present what our group discussed for the class my professor says "You're quite a spokesperson, aren't you", don't know if that was a compliment or not.

    Thursday - Me and C got an A on our assigmmet
    and he liked the photos so much that he even said we probably get an A as a final grade aswell :) But he's strange!...My 6 topics for journalism class was very interesting with a star, must be good or.

    Now a lot of reading during the weekend...two assignments for monday...

    LOL...What did she say?Back to the top

    Maybe I should rethink having my education in the US haha...

    Date of death: 23rd of MarchBack to the top

    Don't take this seriously ;) So I took one of these stupid facebook quizzes...maybe I took it because I have been having nightmares lately about death and wondered when I woke up this morning if it's actually possible dreaming about your faith. But according to this quizz I'm gonna die very soon, 23rd of March to be specific. Hmm...So then I went on to how are you going to die quizz and I'm gonna be hit by a car...almost had that one figured out actually...but I survived left traffic in England;) I told Emelie a while ago that I had this wierd feeling that I'm gonna die young, maybe in some sort of trafficaccident, only I thought it might be the day I'm gonna buy a motorcycle.

    Well, well you are suppose to live like there is no tomorrow and I still need to hand in my assignments on monday ;) but really if I had only a a few days left I would want those days to be by the beach near an amusementpark with family and friends. I wanna fall in love and everyday I wanna laugh and wear a smile so big that I outshine the sun haha...then I'm gonna watch over you all...

    Let me light up the sky, light it up for you...Back to the top

    Was waiting for M and A when he wrote: On the bus ;) Go there in 5 ;) we are there in 10 ;)
    Wanted to write back: Do you have something in your eye...

    Me and C are now almost always taking the stairs up now (we heard that down is not good for the ass haha) and we live on the topfloor, to be specific 7th. So we are walking up the stairs exhausted with all our schoolbooks and C goes like: Just one more and I followed her blindly. We get to the door and outside is a package and we are wondering who it's for. C tries to unlock the door but can't get it up...til we realize that we are just on the 6th floor...ooops...good thing noone was home in that apartment haha. Do I have to mention that we took the elevator the one floor we had left ;)

    Love 2 my X roomieBack to the top

    Här om dagen chattade jag med Emelie samtidigt som jag skrev uppsats. Vi är båda fulla av tankar...ja vad blir nästa steg? Men jag känner att huvudsaken är att där är ett steg...varje resa börjar med ett steg. Åhh om vi hade kunnat ta ett steg till tillsammans som det vi tog till London, det blir liksom ett speciellt band av att vara roomies och nästan sitta ihopa i tre månader. Stitchi...du ska hit i juni så är det bara.

    Miss Policeofficer and Angel of a Devil

    Vad som känns konstigast med att vara på resande fot är allt folk man lämnar bakom sig, men vissa finns kvar ändå som Emelie...Miss U...tack för alla ni fina som finns för mig.

    Good bless the broken road that led me to you...Back to the top

    Detta är en fin fin låt som Max ska sjunga på sin musikklass och övar på lite då och då här hemma. Det känns väl bra att veta att även man har varit på lite villovägar så kanske den en dag leder en underbar människa som är menad för dig...hmm undrar vem han är ;)

    Size ?Back to the top

    Max kommer hem med en tidning till oss där vi får läsa om hur Kelly Osbourne har gått ner i vikt och vi båda läser artiklen. Vad som gör mig aningen förvirrad när jag tittar på bilden är att det står i tidningen att hon nu är en size 2. Hmm...men om hon är en size 2, då är ju jag typ tjock, jag är 8. Jag googlar lite på nätet och hittar en size 0 bild och bli ännu mer förvirrad. Den största förvirringen lade sig när jag googlade och fick reda på att storlekarna inte är samma här som i England...haha märks att jag inte gjort någon shopping än ;) stupid! Fortfarande lite förvirrad dock för de tycks översätta måtten olika!
    SIZE 2

    Och detta ska vara size 0, men är inte fru Beckham en 0? Och inte ser väl hon ut så här? Och inte är väl Kelly en storlek ifrån att vara en 0 eller?

    Haha skulle skriva size 8 här, men nu blir det typ 4 eller 6 enligt google...får väl gå till en butik vet ja ;)

    A real friend touches your feet...Back to the top

    People getting to know me soon become aware that I have a phobia for feet, even my own. Ofcourse people also see this as a weakness and a way to use it against me. Like when my brother won't take his lazy ass and change the dvd and tells me to do it, and when I don't he threathens me with his feet...Ouuu. My roomies find it funny to distract me when we are playing cards by putting their feet up and when they do touch me, they find it even more funny when I rubb myself against something where the foot touched me like a cat.

    So yesterday when we got back from the gym Cat's foot started to cramp and I yell "give the foot to me" and she looks att me like I'm crazy so I had to repeat it. So I take her foot and pulls it so the cramp disapears and she gets all amazed. "You can do that, I have always been letting it cramp til it stops, it hurts...Liiiinnnaa...You touched my foot, you touched it, Max Lina touched my foot" even more amazed. "Yes I did, couldn't let you sit there in pain, besides it helped a bit that you have socks on or I would probably have hestitated" "But it was sweaty...Ohh my good, Lina you're truly a good friend touching my foot, thanx"

    What are friends for...(I washed my hands though)

    Googla "Jag får ryck i sömnen så jag nästan trillar ur sängen"Back to the top

    Vi börjar prata om drömmar och sömn och C berättar att hon oftast drömmer att hon snubblar, får en boll i huvudet osv och då vaknar upp med ett ryck. Tycker det är ganska uppenbart att du rycker till i sömnen för du hade ju "reagerat" i verkligheten också. Men hon vill inte släppa det och säger till mig att googla "jag får ryck i sömnen så att jag nästan trillar ur sängen" haha...denna människan är så söt när hon vill ha fram saker ibland. Vi nöjde oss med sökningen ryckningar vid insomning och blev aningen häpna av svaret nedan:

    Google svar: Jag lärde mig från ett medicinskt program på Discoverykanalen att ryckningen är till för att stoppa insomningen pga att du är så trött att din kropp håller på att falla in i koma! Men rycket väcker dig så att din hjärna kan komma in i rätt fas/läge i insomningscykeln. Somnar man för fort så tar kroppen ganska mycket stryk vilket oftast leder till medicinska problem! Det är alltså kroppens eget larmsystem som hindrar dig från att skadas av din sömn! ....Hmm...finns farlig sömn förutom i terror on elm street?

    Vi pratade också om att vara halvt vaken och halvt sovande...att ibland när man var mindre och skulle till skolan och inte ville gå upp så kunde man faktiskt drömma att man hade gått upp och klätt på sig och hela fallerullan för att sedan verkligen vakna och bli väldigt förvirrad av att du inte alls är påklädd och redo för skolan.

    Så här ser nog min drömkille ut ;)Back to the top

    Remember the gardner i DH? Utseendemässigt så är nog min drömkille Jesse Metcalfe alltså, tror jag, och sist jag nämde det så sa Sophie att hon sett han och att han blivit sunkig, I don't care, vill inte ha några rippade muskler ändå. Detta snyggot får gärna vara sunkig för min del och inte objektifierar jag med bilderna nedan ;)

    Jahapp, då får man väl se till att se John Tucker must die snart då, för det är väl den enda filmen han gjort som räknas...

    Another fun american commercialBack to the top

    There is no way you can see this commercial without thinking on something else ;)

    The dirty parody saying what we are all thinking about the real one.

    All american rejects moodBack to the top

    Digga till dessa i badkaret idag...

    And ofcourse I found It ends tonight with my faves Pon and Zi...:)

    Now I'm on my own side, it's better then being on your side...

    Going Silvstedt...Back to the top

    Som ni har märkt så har jag emellanåt börjat skriva på engelska och ibland blir det svenska. Den engelska översättningen är bara så off att det jag skriver missförstås som att C har blivit skjuten istället för skjutsad och att det smög in sig ett bitch jag inte skrivit när jag prata om skolan en gång, inte bra ifall min journalistik professor skulle få för sig att titta på min blogg. Hursomhelst så blir det lite svengelska här...det är jag och Vickan ;)...hoppas ni kan stå ut :) Oh yeah, I'm coming home with blonde hair and big big boobs too ;)

    Vill prata...Back to the top

    Cat har gått och lagt sig för hon tappa nästan synen, samt att händer och huvud domna. Stackaren fick migrän och började gråta. Så nu sitter man här en stillsam kväll, en sådan kväll man hade umgåtts med girlsen och jag vill bara slå en pling och snacka skit. Men först är det ju det här med tiden, jag är 9 timmar bak...suck, sen är det att de måste skaffa skype...skaffa skype bitches ;) NU...

    Photoassignment 1Back to the top

    Today we (me and C have photoclass together) were the only ones handing in the photoassignment for extra credits :) Nerds...We tried to be serious but it was hard considering which objects we chose as models and me taking photos of C's mounth. She kept saying closer, closer and you can imgaine how that looked in the camera...a lot of laughs made that photoshoot looong. At least we had fun! The assignment was colour and to take photos with diffrent backgrounds and in diffrent enviorments. We weren't allowed to use flash so have that in mind. This is the result...don't laugh...;)

    Models: The Pink Boot, Sky Flask, Lipstick twins...

    Ohh..and the guys tried to help...

    And then we needed to hand in selfportraits...so for a teacher we decided nothing kissy, nothing sexy so we ended of with these...well this is the only one with me wearing something very coulorful like C does all the time.

    So what do u think...I mean you can see we made an effort right?

    Lina the turtleBack to the top

    I have come to the conclusion that me beliving I'm walking fast is like a newly botoxed face thinking it's smiling.

    "Lina, we are in a hurry, walk fast"
    "I am walking fast..."
    "No your not"
    "But I have short legs"
    "No you don't, I have shorter and I'm walking fast"
    "Umm...but, but...ehh"

    "Ohh...come here turtle (sköldis)"

    It usually ends up with someone dragging me in the arm for a while to get the speed up, it works for about 30 seconds then the turtle is in it's own world again beliving it's still walking fast. I don't get it, how can I belive I walk fast when everybody else says I'm not?

    We love Ikea <3Back to the top

    So on saturday we rented a car and went to Ikea...Ohh we have been longing for that ever since Max ate up our Kalles kaviar and left it empty in the fridge...who does that? He commented he would buy us a new one and we had to enlight him that he had to go to Ikea Burbank to do that...oops. Well off we went...

    Cat was the driver since I'm positive that I would have caused an accident driving automatic in that traffic. The first thing we did was to go directly to the resturant to order swedish meatballs. You could tell how tierd I was cause I said "they are serving the fries with fries" in mixed swedish and english...didn't even acknowledge it until Max repeated it for me. The meatballs wasn't all that good actually and we prefer the swedish way...with potatoes. The Cider wasn't good either and no alcohol in it...what is the point of calling this swedish when not even swedes find it swedish enough...make it like in Sweden dammit.

    After eating we were so tierd from being up early that we went directly to the bed section to lay down for a while. People looked at us like we were wierd, can't blame them...but hey we're almost home...Ikea is a swedes second home when abroad.

    Ohh we love Ikea...

    This is what you buy in the swedish store...yummi...can't belive we ate all that candy in two days...we had to, it was interfering with our new healthy living ;) Here you have Bilar (Cars), Delicato chocolateballs with coco, Marabou milkchocolate, ballerina crackers, knäckebröd and Kalles kaviar :) I managed to not buy liqurish which I later regreted badly and we forgot Lingon and tunnbröd. Well well...yum yum...

    Returning the car next day was up to me, but then I got to practice driving automatic for a few blocks. I still kept my hand on the stick and wanted a clutch so bad cause you are used to the car stopping when you slow down if you don't press that down. Max had to yell STOOOOP at one point...no biggie ;) When we came to the rentalplace we hadn't put any gas in the car, damn...the guys there told me not to worrie I didn't have to and they wouldn't charge me for it...they liked me and C when we rented the car ;) Then we know where to rent next time :)

    Borde plugga nu...Back to the top

    Jag borde sitta med näsan i böckerna just nu och det har jag gjort en hel del idag, men jag får panik, jag känner stressen och måste sortera belastningen, då givetvis genom att skriva.

    Eng - Jag är bak i engelskan eftersom jag fick den boken så sent, men har läst exemplaret i biblioteket som lärarinnan sa åt mig, bara det att hon lämna ute att hela berättelser var strukna och ersatta så nu när jag skulle gå igenom det jag redan läst och skriva dagbok om alla berättelserna som vi ska göra så är det nya berättelser. Först skulle jag göra allt detta för att kunna göra läxan idag, men fick räkna sidorna jag behövde till dessa inlägg och börja på läxan till imorgon. Sen har jag 4 kapitel till i "how to write well"...suck, med ett ord...behind.

    Journalistiken - Skummat två kapitel som måste läsas ordentligt och göra min assignment till tisdag. 6 bra ämnen att göra en story om som är relaterade till SMC eller college. 3 vi har hört och 3 vi kommer på...får nog komma på at jag hört. Newquiz varje vecka och måste läsa nyheterna...lite bak...men inget stort.

    Photography - Har inte fått läsanvisningar, men det kan bero på att han sa att vi inte behövde just den boken osv...han är snurrig, vi ska nog läsa själv, så borde kanske öppna boken. Assignment på 10 bilder till på tisdag varav ett färgstark objekt ska fotas mot olika bakgrunder. Ska fixas imorgon innan engelskan med C, men har redan några colour photos in store.

    Politiken - Jag har läsat kapitlen och har utan att veta det läst artiklen vi har assignemt på tills 8 mars så man kan säga att jag är där jag ska. Ska bara förfina anteckningarna och göra egna beskrivningar och sammanfattningar av vissa ord och teorier för att hjölpa mig själv, texten är lite svår ibland.

    Men oavsett så är the workload big och det är svårt att balansera 4 helt olika ämnen...mind overload...but I can do it...hade bara velat vara före...plugga plugga plugga.

    Stupid girlsBack to the top

    Max har varit lite gnällig idag, kanske med all rätt. Han har hjälpt oss lite med vad som är bra och äta och hur det ska tränas, men vi går ju runt det lite då och då och det gör han så förbannad. "Ni är fan de mest dumma brudar jag träffat" var the punchline idag. Även om han skäller på oss så gör han det med glimten i ögat och kör sina rollspel för att visa oss hur dumma vi är.

    Det hela började med vår skräpdag igår, men eftersom vi hamstrade så mycket svensk godis på Ikea så blev det saker över, saker som nu ligger i skåpet och ropar våra namn. Ja, vi kan motstå det idag och kanske imorgon, men någon dag kommer självdisciplinen att spricka och jag har ju väldigt lite av det. Hmm...Så varför tränar vi inte som in i norden idag och äter godiset direkt efter när man tekniskt sett är i den zonen att man kan äta nästan vad som för att kroppen är inställd på förbränning. Det var där Max hoppa in och kallade oss dumma och sa att vi kommer ju göra samma sak nästa helg om vi ska ha en skräpdag i veckan. Okej då men vi straffar oss själva och har ingen nästa vecka. M tycker vi ska slänga godiset som blev över, men hallå det är svenskt godis.

    Vi tycker inte det är kul att träna, vi tycker inte det är kul att äta nyttigt, det är fan jobbigt, men vi försöker. För att vi försöker så har vi en belöning...att om jag är duktig hela denna veckan så får jag äta ett choklad på lördag typ. M tycker inte vi ska träna för att kunna äta skit, men hur kul är livet om man ska tänka på allt man äter och träna träna träna. M menar på att då får vi fan inte gnälla på våra kroppar sen heller...iförsig, men måste det verkligen vara allt eller inget?

    Vi ska äta undan godiset idag efter ett hårt träningspass för vi har så pass mycket disciplin att vi inte går och handlar nytt godis, men i skåpet lurar det på en. Det är inte som att vi kommer att åka till Ikea snart igen liksom haha...

    M: Ni borde skriva upp era mål, vad ni äter och om ni unnar er något så ha en limit så där inte skräpar saker nästa dag och hittar på en ursäkt för att äta det...
    Jag: Jag har faktiskt köpt en bok till just det
    C: Ahh, det har hon faktiskt
    M: Ahh, men va fan ska boken göra, vad fan hjälper det att du köpt en bok
    C: Men Max hon köpte den igår, ge henne lite credit
    Jag: Ahh, jag ska ju börja skriva i den imorgon

    Vi vet hur dumma vi låter speciellt när Max gör rollspel om det hela tiden, vilket gör att vi skrattar så mycket att vi tränar magen haha. Men vi kan inte bli tränings- och ät soldater på studs, självdisciplin och ett struktuerat schema är något jag och C måste göra slag i, men det kommer inte över en natt...jag måste träna in det, speciellt när jag fortfarande lär mig om vad jag ska äta och hur det ska lagas ;)

    Jag och C kom fram till att godiset här i USA är ändå äckligt och att min enda last här är brownies och hennes är cookiedoughglass, men vi ska kämpa mot det, förbjuda det. Hamburgare och sånt äter vi inte gärna ändå!

    M: Gör det, brownies är fan det värsta du kan äta, det innehåller så mycket fett eftersom det är choklad rakt igenom med...
    Jag: Sluta beskriv brownies tack...(dregla nästan) ;)

    We don't wanna be stupid girls...we are gonna try...we are gonna make Max proud...he says he doesn't care but still he yells and gives us long talks about it...haha

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