The Graduate get away...Back to the top

You know when you get that feeling that just says fuck it, fuck this...I wanna get away...the feeling that you stuck in another bubble...the feeling that you need an adventure...

I just wanna buy an old convertible, put on a pair of torn jeans, an oversized T, my converse, a leather jacket, crank up the radio and drive the states...sleep under the stars...whatever...

Dads response was, Don't even think about it, nice car...What happened to do what you want, you always have, always will...I guess that applies when school is still involved lol.

S wrote...after graduation...which seems fair enough...just not as if i graduate from SMC and get into uni in FL, I will drive there :) If I don't, I drive there anyway and fly wherever from that's why I call this dream graduation get away...

Talk about detail get away outfit...imgaine wearing this, crank the radio up, have the wind in your hair and feel so full of I will get tierd of that 2 I guess :P

The get way outfit ;)

The get away music...out on the road to nowhere, we got our minds together, we won't turn around. So let's crank the radio up, can seem to get enough, we are lost inside the sound and we're never coming down...


Get in the car with me, Let's GOOOOO...


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