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I fredags var jag och min cheerfamilj, J och flera andra på Hooters och käkade. Sen drog några av oss vidare för att åka skridsko...äntligen. Det var en mysig liten rink som kunde varit lite större, fick ju svänga hela tiden :P Åka fort är ju lite lättare på raksträcka, men åhhh freedom. Åkte mest baklänges dock för jag tog foto på alla med deras kameror osv haha.

Some of them skated for the first time and some for the 2nd...they were great at it :)

Cheerfamily <3

It's like I only have good looking friends lol...

Thought Vin needed some more speed haha, he got a bit spooked when I pushed him..."Too fast"..."U know how to break?"..."No"..."Ohh...You gotta learn"...the wall did the breaking for him :P

Cute, cosy little rink huh...the ice was actually pretty bad, but still fun :)

Race yah...Ben totally cheated, but it doesn't matter cause I still won ;) Trying to do two person spinning with J, yeah, tried it with Ben too, but there was not much spinning going around lol. It's super fun if u get it up hihi...nerd.

Pulling the train lol...

Why do the laces have different color on the skates? Cause I broke my the foot with the white laces and they had to cut it up, only switched on one skate...memorable lol :P.  C asked me "so what tricks can you do?"...umm...I'm not a figure skater lol...still I managed to spin a bit ;)

So cute...

Men down moahaha...

All and all a great cosy evening with great people <3


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