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(Assig. 3 för comm class)

I have grown up with a beer lover. My dad! (not the alcoholic kind of love). Maybe it’s because his father was Danish and Danish people are known to love that beer a little more for some reason. ”Sweety, Could you get daddy a ‘daddy yum’ in the fridge?” (guess that would be the translation). When I was younger and went over to Denmark with my friends and their families they would buy stuff for themselves for their money, I would buy beer for my dad (that of course my friends parents made sure I delivered). I was hardly old enough to carry a 24-pack beer, but I was then the best daughter in the world and who doesn’t want to hear that? What was with the yummy fluid in those bottles that we weren’t allowed to drink till we were 16?

The brilliant Heiniken Walk in Fridge commercial:

Men love beer as much as girls are suppose to love a walk in closet full of shoes, bags and clothes. So they get a walk in Fridge. Fair enough!

But it was not just my dad, everywhere around me everything said; MEN LOVES BEER. The movies; ”What’s with this chick, she has beer flavored nipples or what.” (10 things I hate about you). The Beer commercials are probably the worse brainwashers of them all. When I finally got to taste beer I was surprised over how men can love something so disgusting. Maybe it was a man thing! But I met guys that felt the same way, but learned how to drink it because men drink beer. Heck, even I learned to drink it, but with a lot less love. In Switzerland a lot of the guys drank beer mixed with sprite or if they drank non mixed beer, a Corona with lime. I found myself thinking ”That’s for chicks!” They weren’t manly enough for me, they might as well have been wearing a pink tutu.

So maybe my fathers love for beer was inherited from a beer loving nation, but what about today? Why do I feel men are programmed into loving beer, why do I feel programmed to associate beer with a real man? The videos below are funny beer commercials that says just how much men loves their beer and then I mean LOVE.

Miller light girlfriend commercials:

They love it more then the new found girlfriend...

It's easier to say I love you to a Beer...

It's easier to explain why you love Beer than explaining why you love your girlfriend...

So much that you would save the Beer instead of your girlfriend? What?


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