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Have been coughing like crazy for 4 days now, but I'm not sick and hopefully I won't become, but this f-in cough is keeping me from sleeping this night and I just want to overdose that cough syrup, buuuut that wouldn't help...my throat and chest is hurting from dry coughing so much and then cheer on top of that...I had to turn mute for a while on the game today and when I did make sound I probably sounded like a drunken pirate that been partying it up for a while lol.

Going up in 1h to fix with my passport because my visa got water on it and the picture not really identifiable. Need it if I'm gonna go to Belize way down in Mexico by the coast and boarder to Guatemala I think. I will be going there for spring break then to snorkel, zip line and take the opportunity to travel there in a way I could never arrange myself. Get my drink on I can do any other time :P only thing is that Coachella is on those dates to, it's three days of good music.

Should I try and sleep for one hour because I'm starting to feel sick now, maybe I did overdosed that cough syrup a little bit...


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