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"Why are you all dressed up?" was a question I got in school like a hundred times today. I know I have been slacking, literally not caring about what I wear and just been putting on my worn out and painted converese to almost everything. Chilling in LA you know :P Today I had a meeting with the Rotary club and I thought I had to be a little more posh, so on with the black dress and a pair of cute heels that are not that high. Haven't had anyuse for since I bought them, they killed my feet, hate when you need to walk them in...

But after the question was also, omg, you are so pretty today and wow look at you meaning business :) Well it was also international womens day, so looking empowered was a good thing then :) My blue (azul) cheer bag I carry around almost everyday, need to get a locker, but I have so much stuff. A girl was like...aouch...that bag looks like it's hurting you...my other bags broke because I always carry around books like I'm bodybuilding.

Happy International Womens Day...Girl Power ;) and no the men doesn't have the other 364 as they claim, they have none...:P


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