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Det har inte hänt så mycket på senaste faktiskt...eller saker har hänt, men jag har inte bloggat om det bara för att allt verkar så oviktigt just nu, varit lite allvarlig på senaste väl. Smack in the face när jag ringde Florida admissions och de inte kunde svara på nån av mina frågor och sa att det är bara att chansa...allt känns som en wild shot här nu.

Vi partajade förra helgen och jag gjorde det väl mitt mission att vara otrevlig mot störiga killar som raggar...de är så dryyyyyga. Ni vet vilka typer jag pratar om. This is all in one night...

"Would you like a drink?"
"Yah, maybe you will look better after one"
I drink up and say..."Sry...you don't"...and still he tries...OMG

The worst joke I have ever pulled to get rid of a guy:
"What's your name?"
"Oh hey Lena, looking real pretty there on the swing"
(He was totally ruining my moment on that swing)
"It's Lina, with an i" (get tired of saying that) "u know as in the Carolina states...yeah I'm a federal matter" (too much American politics lately, but still I was really trying to be really lame and boring)
What's worse is that he laughs and asks me to stop swinging and come and talk to him...umm...nooooooo.
"Nah, I don't think so, I'm just gonna enjoy swinging a bit more"
"Oki, whenever you are done, make sure you come and find me"

"Playing 20 questions with me acting like you wanna get to know me ain't gonna get you anywhere" Took his sunglasses and left the jacuzzi. He got them back...still trying.

"OMG, you are so cool and awsome, I think I'm falling in love with you. You know I only believe in having the best things in life and here you are, just look at you"
If that guy could have heard my thoughts...fucking wierd creep...He walked up to me later again for lik the 5th time.
"I love you, can I have you number?"
"Can I have it and call you as a friend"
"No, I don't really believe in being friends with guys"
"Hahah, me neither...so can I have your number"

Is being rude causing the opposite effect?

G said, damn Lina, you are fiesty today...I guess I was, but come on, I'm just so tierd of that kind of guys...and I'm not up there when I say, they are not worthy of me or my time...



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