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Well, since I didn't have a break and had Anthropology and cheer over the winter session my brain or body never had a break. So when next semester started exactly when the other started, it went on break on it's own, just like that.

Pippi longstocking in the house...braided my hair for the game tmrw...gonna be up and try and get something done, but yeah right now I'm blogging, is that getting something done? Umm Hola...

I have been procatinating A LOT and spanish is kicking my ass. I need to learn the structure and build up a vocbulary, but omg, everything is gonna be bent according to plural and singluar, makes sense, but then also according to feminin an masculin. Why can't have, just be have no matter who has it? Thought I wrote a C on my test, but got it back today with a B...thank u. Now all A's from now.

So today I had lunch with Cat in school today and pulled out my huge binder from my huge heavy bag to start my homework and she pulls out her homework...a freakin ELLE magazine...she has fashion, i know, but come on...


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