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We love our balconies...they are the best...even though I now feel like I left the best one when I moved...penthouse balcony in my heart 4-ever...but the new once work to :) In my new place I still live with 2 boys and one girl...less drama...but ohh still drama...two of them are in a huge silent fight right now.

I wish drama would stay away from me, hate when it's not my fault, it's just there because others bring it if you know what I mean. Dear Drama...Is it ok if I just sit here by the sideline with a beer and watch you do your thing without me in it? No? ...Can I get a drama restraining order?

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" -Lina Corleone

Get's a little chill in the nights, but ohhh sun...tomorrow destination BEACH an break in my new bikini :)


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